The Future of Price Canyon

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has!”–Margaret Mead

Save Price Canyon is made up of local Pismo Beach, Five Cities and San Luis Obispo County residents committed to preserving the natural beauty of Price Canyon, future livability and quality of life for all South County Residents. Our goal is to not only protect and preserve this scenic canyon but to secure the availability of water for current residents and many generations to come, but also bring forth the numerous other issues such as traffic, environmental issues and irresponsible planning. We also support the Land Owners right to develop this land as it’s currently zoned through the county.

What do you want Price Canyon to look like 20 years from now? Imagine Highway 101 clogged with traffic. Imagine a massive hotel and housing development atop what is now picturesque oak-studded hillsides of Price Canyon which is zoned agriculture. These are not imaginary threats! The City Council of Pismo Beach is working with developers to forever change the peaceful ambience of our city.

And so the question arises: How can we protect our environment and our quality of life into the future? The answer is simple, and it’s the core purpose of the “Save Price Canyon” effort. We must work together to create a well-supported community chest that is capable, when all other options fail, of backing groups that are willing to engage and fend off these threats.

Such groups as ours have energy and commitment, but are financially outgunned by those corporations proposing the very projects that threaten our quality of life. If we—as a community of individuals, businesses, families, and civic organizations – do our part by funding efforts to stand up to these threats and let the residents and voters of Pismo Beach decide the fate of the city, then we protect that which we hold dear, not only for now but for future generations.

The Save Price Canyon coalition truly presents an opportunity to work together and unite behind a cause whose fundamental purpose is to preserve and protect this place we choose to call our home.

We all live together, breathe the same air, drive the same roads and drink the same water, regardless of our politics or beliefs. 

waterfaucetPismo Beach faces environmental threats as well as a real threat to our water supply by over development.